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                BORN 1963

Antonina Denisiuc was born and raised in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, an architectural and visual gem of Eastern Europe in the Ukrainian-Romanian Jews family.

Studied at the Lviv National Academy of Arts. The first exhibitions included creative projects in Austria “Grenzgänger” and “Augenblick”, created with the support of philanthropist Klaus Gipp (some works are in his private collection) and exhibitions at the Vienna Academy of Arts in the workshop of Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Antonina’s creative research began with a series of drawings of the Infinite Series (1991-1998. Some works of this period are in the collection of Albertina museum in Vienne), which testifies to the infinite life in human consciousness. Since 1998 the artist has been discussing the creation of a cliche of the similarity of reality through the imprint of the material world, a series of paintings by Stansya appears.                                                                      

The works of Antonina Denisiuc were awarded with the International Prizes and Fellowships of the Foundation of Krasner Pollock (USA), Culture Contact (Austria), Gaud Polonia (Poland, Ministry of Culture), Austrian Cooperative Bureau (Austria), Ertsiodicezia (Austria), Villa Decius (Poland) institute them Adam Mickiewicz (Poland) and others. Moreover, she was awarded the Lorenzo di Medici Prize at the VIII Florentine Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2011. The artist participated in Art Genoa 2012 and the Contemporary Art Salon of Art Monaco 2012, Salon Gemliuc 2013 under the patronage of Prince Albert II, Hidden Treasure London 2014, and many others.

As an artist, Antonina participated in more than 100 art projects, including 18 personal exhibitions.   

Antonina Denisiuc belongs to that unique group of artists whose works embody eternal discovery and a constant flow of ideas. Her work generally defies comparison with other styles, as its means of expression and techniques are uniquely her own. Drawing inspiration from universal disorder, she believes that an artist’s minimalist lines can, by developing and crossing themselves a billion times, voice an internal peace. She seeks to present life through an intuitive and womanly canvas, though one of many patterns and facets.

Antonina Denisiuc is one of the unique artists in the arsenal of endless invention, innumerable ideas. This invention of artistic thinking is presented as a brilliant talent, empowered through the intuitive canvas to penetrate and discover the state, to feel life. This is the incomparable basis of the women’s art world, like Louise Bourgeois, like Georgia O’Keeffe, as Magdalena Abakanowicz. These artists have as many faces as the world has. In the philosophy of the creation of artists has entered the Matrix.

Structure and vision in the windows of social space that are minimally open to our perception. In Antonina Denisiuc, creativity emerges from primary chaos. The minimalism of artistic embodiment is expressed through the line. The line crosses millions of times, reaches an inner calm and falls into the hands of eternity. Anyone can ask themselves, is it difficult to create just one line? And if you provide orchestral lines? And if to develop and sound? Then you can see in each intersecting transparent window – Vermeer. This is him, this is our incomprehensible world, full of struggles and contradictions, so beautiful, so transparent, so magical. The artist, from space, seems to be getting an incredible amount of resources to create. ЇЇ The works are completely unlike any other means of expression or performance techniques.

Antonina Denisiuc creates oil on canvas, watercolors, graphics, installation, and sculpture. She works in Berlin and Zurich and Lviv.

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